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Locals Compass - Personalized Travel Itineraries in Bend, Oregon

Born out of a passion for travel and a desire to spend less time planning and more time experiencing a travel destination like a local, Locals Compass is a travel marketplace connecting travelers with locals for personalized travel itineraries
Need help planning what to eat, see and do in Bend? For your next adventure, let Locals Compass do the planning for you. With expertise in Adventure, Outdoor and Family Travel, our Locals can create a personalized travel itinerary based on your travel style and interests, and you'll navigate your destination like a local!
While you are in town, here are a few tips we find helpful:

Dress in layers:

Although Bend is known for having 300 days of sunshine, weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Even during summer, it may be sunny and hot during the morning and afternoon, but can get a little chilly at night as the sun goes down. As such, layers are the norm here!

Ride sharing:

Uber and Lyft have finally made their way to Bend! If you'll be enjoying our many craft beers, and don't want to or won't be driving, we suggest using either of the rideshare services or calling a cab.

Bend Summer Shuttle:

Getting around Bend just got a lot easier this summer! Beginning in June and extending through Labor Day 2017, residents and visitors can hop on Bend's Summer Shuttle to access some of the city's core destinations. Running seven days a week, from 2:00 - 10:00pm with buses running every 15 minutes, the shuttle is free for all riders! For a map of all the shuttle stops available, follow the link:


You'll find them everywhere and we like them! Here's how to navigate them:
  •  Approach: "Slow down as you approach the roundabout."
  •  Enter: "Before you enter, you must yield to traffic inside, as well as exiting the roundabout. Wait for a gap and merge into traffic."
  •  Proceed: "Once inside the roundabout, move around the circle until you reach your exit. Allow bicycles that have merged into traffic, the full travel lane. Do not pass bicycle."
  •  Exit: "Indicate your plan to exit using your right turn signal."

Floating the Deschutes River:

If coming in the summer, floating the Deschutes River is a much loved experience in town, beginning at Riverbend Park in the Old Mill District and ending at Drake Park in downtown Bend.
Before you go, check out our tips below.
  •  Park at Riverbend Park, use the public parking on Columbia St. or use the Ride the River Shuttle. With stops at Riverbend Park, McKay Park and Drake Park, the shuttle is available beginning in June and extending through Labor Day at $3.00 for a full day.
  •  Wear a life jacket! State law requires them for all boaters, paddleboarders and children 12 years old and under. Whistles are also required with boats and paddleboards. Need a life jacket? They are available for free rental at Riverbend Park at the Sun Country trailer.
  •  Alcohol is not allowed in the parks or on the river.
  •  Midway down the floating corridor you will need to make a decision, exit or ride the rapids. The passageway is the perfect option for those who want to add a little rapids adventure to their float. For those who want to keep it mellow or who have children as part of the group, exit the river before the Colorado Ave. Bridge and walk to McKay Park to re-enter the river.

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